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Beyonce Discovers Her Split Personality As Sasha Fierce

Beyonce Knowle new album is out on November 18, and she is saying that his new stage show personality, Sasha Fierce. MSNBC reports that Beyonce says Sasha is a more fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more explicit and more charming side, which comes out when you are performing on stage and in studio. This probably sounds real Jay-Z well, which could only dump Beyonce for Sasha if he could understand how to get Sasha knocking off Beyonce..
31.10.08 10:11

Charice Not Alone Pinoy Girl With Celine Dion In Unicef Calendar

The country young diva Charice is not only when it comes to dreams. Another young Philippines - Maria Justin Galansa - now shares the spotlight with the music icon after she posed Celine Dion and appeared with the international diva and children with stories of hope around the world to the United Nations for Children Fund (UNICEF) 2009 calendar..
31.10.08 10:12

Christian Bale Quot Strange Role

L actor - who played in both Batman Batman Begins and The Dark Knight - is said to be the number one choice to play Dr. Strange in Marvel film studio latest comic book adaptation l. Christian Bale is set to play another superhero. Dr. A source said: Christian is hot property right now, courtesy of Batman. Strange is a very different kind of hero for Batman and hear Christian is the kind of actor who can do the work on screen.
31.10.08 10:12

Sohh Gyant Randomness I Think Nelly Is On To Something

Album sales on constant decline, and previous higher sales artist unit meager results, if your eyes squint hard enough you can see the industry crumbling before your eyes. Have a tendency telescope? Yesterday I was taking my usual stroll around the Internet, when I noticed a story Nelly, and how he is preparing to form a super group. But could a temporary fix to prolong an inevitable fate?. The group consists of Nelly, Akon, Phare, and T-Pain. Immediately upon me that we are in the midst of a new trend in this area put us all call the music business .
31.10.08 10:12

Samuel L Jackson Reaches Out To Jennifer Hudson At Quot Soul Men Quot Premiere

Getting up every day and see Bernie - was funny as the grumpy old man in the world, we loved him. I hope that all excited about it - is this wonderful film. This is in my opinion, the last film perfect for Bernie, said Sam. Samuel L Jackson walked the red carpet with the cast of Men soul to the world-famous Apollo Theater in Harlem Tuesday night - and ET was there! While it was a night of celebration, Jennifer Hudson personal tragedy - and memories of co-stars Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes - was mainly on people minds. We see him do something we ve never seen him do - sing and dance. .
31.10.08 10:12


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